I come from a lineage of survivors.

I stand proudly before you to share the passion that my father passed down to me.

Catherine Moradian

My father passed down this ancestral know-how to me from a young age.
Being a craftsman shoemaker himself, I learned by watching him and assisting him in his work.

Later on, I was spotted by a luxury brand for which I worked for several years. It has now been over 17 years since I have been working in the shoe industry.

I have had the spirit of an entrepreneur since a young age.
I first perfected my technique by practicing in the family workshop, then as an employee, and now I have the necessary know-how to start my own business.

French craftsmanship embodies luxury, the art of living, and international enchantment. That’s why I make it a point of honor to develop and highlight 100% made in France.

I will gladly welcome you to my workshop to discuss in more detail your project of creating shoes that truly reflect your style.

Looking forward to fitting you with the perfect pair of shoes.